Violinbwoy ft. Kali Green & Saralène – I Man Be Free [LIONSCHOICEV01]

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Release Date: 18/07/2016

Violinbwoy feat. Kali Green & Saralène - I Man Be Free [LIONSCHOICEV01]

A1 // Violinbwoy feat. Kali Green & Saralène - I Man Be Free
A2 // Violinbwoy - I Dub Be Free

B1 // Violinbwoy - I Dub Be Lion
B2 // Violinbwoy feat. Kali Green - Whole Heap A Trouble

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22.08.2016 - DIGITAL release

LION'S DEN /// /// produced & mixed by W. Przysiezny aka Violinbwoy /// vocals recorded by J. John aka Ras Lion @ Lion's Den Studio /// lyrics & voice by T. Mokheseng aka Kali Green /// S. Huber aka Saralène /// artwork by /// mastered by Star Delta Mastering /// pressed by Delta Disc Manufacturing /// All rights reserved. © + ℗ 2016 Lion's Den

12" / 45RPM / 4 Track EP / 180g / 500pcs. limited & hand-numbered
DIGIKALLY (MP3 / WAV / etc.)

This series reveals some unique compositions on three different 12inch discs to take you on an extraordinary journey - a more than three year collaborative work with our good friend and musical mastermind Violinbwoy finally ready fi all sound systems around the globe. Again a path from version over version to a next version - dubwise all the way… nuff tuff riddims, mixes, dubz and vocals were sent back and forth between Poland, Germany, France, Croatia and the UK, with some nice encounters on stage, in the studio, on tour or somewhere in between…

"I Man Be Free" comes with two great righteous voices from Berlin, Saralène and Kali Green, chanting for freedom and unity. A real wake up call for all bredrin and sistren. A stepping riddim to make the bass rumble wherever this anthem reach… and it has already reached some dances around Europe with support by some big names in the scene...
Of course it contains a heavyweight dub and a 'part 2 style' extra raw and ruff version. Violinbwoy displaying some of his versatility in the arena of dubwise.
Flipping the disc reveals a very special gem: An almost classical piece, a lovely piano, accompanying Kali Green singing about "Whole Heap A Trouble" in the world - still forward on the positive vibeZ. Music across any kind of genre border that goes under one's skin and makes one tremble under the power of vibrations…

"Don't Kill Your Brother" is a tune very much needed in those times of political turmoil and warfare. Echo Ranks from Leicester, UK, calling upon his I-dren to stop the senseless killing. A message of peace for the youths of today. In this instance with a ruff remix by the 'Balkan Dub Defenders' Digitron from Zagreb, Croatia - electronic madness style… Each side with a 'part 2' dub mix in full effect.

The third vinyl is "Too Hot Fi Dem" - pure fire, again with Kali Green outta the Lion's Den on the vocals - strictly message music for the people. Pierced with another special remix version of "Don't Kill Your Brother" by Echo Ranks on the flipside - this time hailing from Paris, France, with none other than the mighty Bredrin Records on the mix to mek yu jump and twist… again both sides with powerful dubwise versions… nah compromise…

All dubs were transferred to 1/2inch Tape for extra analogue warmth, mastered with care and pressed on high quality 180g vinyl by Star Delta / Delta Disc, UK. It is also digitally available.
Conscious music fooooorward…

===== [about the artists] =====

Violinbwoy [Wrocław / PL]

Violinbwoy is a musician and producer based in Wroclaw, Poland, who creates sounds of roots & culture. Classically trained violinist. Once his music was recognized, he was requested to deliver his heavy dubplates to sound systems and radio stations from the UK, Germany, France, Croatia, Poland, Italy, Portugal, Philippines, the United States and well beyond including the mighty Jah Shaka, Blackboard Jungle & many more.
In the recent times a number of heavy releases on acclaimed dub / rootzstep-labels have entered the dub sessions near and far.

Kali Green [Maseru/Berlin / LS/GER]

Kali green aka 'SirKaliGarten the Lyrikal Assassin' originally known as Thabiso Mokheseng is an astonishing and inspiring MC, producer, sound engineer, beat maker and song writer hailing from the southern hemisphere of Africa in the mountain kingdom of Lesotho. Currently based in Berlin, Germany, he has been blessed to get to work and develop friendship with some of the the brightest producers and artist in the Dub / Bass music industry as part of the Lions Den (LABEL // SOUNDSYSTEM // STUDIO // PROMOTION). Since then it has been a long path of great collaborative work. Always moving forward in unity.
First releases are already out on Lion's Den, King Dubbist, One-Drop Music and Marée Bass, but much more material is in the pipeline...

Saralène [Berlin / GER]

Voice as an original instrument for the expression of different feelings and messages had a strong impact on Saralène from when she was very young.
Born in Tübingen in 1983, she starts singing jazz / soul / hip hop. Moving to Hamburg, by the age of 20, is followed by first dubplates with Massaya Sound and Spruddy One Dubplates. They appear in the Riddim Magazine and reach a broad audience. She starts to record with people like Junior Blender (SuperSonic, Major Lazor) and spends more and more time in studios.
In 2006 Saralène moves to Berlin and starts to play with different jazz / reggae bands, among others she and some friends start the project "Sounding" - reggae with vibraphone. She studies jazz / rock / pop singing in Dresden at the Carl Maria Von Weber Hochschule and finishes her Diploma - going deeper in the constant search towards her own sound. At this time discovering free jazz and drum n bass. She starts playing with The Magic Touch (Roy Allis, Dawn Penn) and performs at the Reggae Jam in Bersenbrück as opener for the Californian band Groundation and the great Bitty Mc Lean.
On her journey she has been steadily busy and for the last couple of years several releases with people such as Aldubb (One-Drop Music), Next Generation Family, Vibronics, Solo Banton, Longfingah, Dani Locks, Jah Chalice Soundsystem and Adubta have seen the light to enchant the listener with a strong voice. Many more works to come…

===== [lyrics] =====

Kali Green & Saralène - I Man Be Free
free up yur mind and soul
raging storm a mash up babylon
lyric after lyric
ah reality we a deal with
so roll one and float pon meditation
cool and calm
we a easy pon the scene
forever forward the ting don't stop
equal rights and justice to one and all

when will I-man be free, be free of mental slavery
when will we wake up and see, and see we marching in unity
when will I-man be free, be free of mental slavery
when will I-man receive, receive I rights to live in equality

open up yur eyes mi Idren see what Jah revealing
disya real ting in mi soul and mi feeling
disya chant we spit have appealing
one love a the ting we a deal with
ask the people still if dem life have a meaning
inna disya world mashed up by the demon
check who yu walk and a reason with
everything controlled by the politics
contagious mindset a fill the kids
trapped inna life where everything wrong ya
badman enforcer dem a bust off dem gun ya
pon the youth deya who a living in the slum ya
tings a gwaan dangerous
tings a gwaan dangerous
revolution time right now a the answer
fi how long we a sit and not fight fi we rights ya
we blinded by dem lies but mi know dem pure joke ya
nuff a dem people in dem ghetto run broke ya

when will I-man be free, be free of mental slavery
when will we wake up and see, and see we marching in unity
when will I-man be free, be free of mental slavery
when will I-man receive, receive I rights to live in equality

'my brother free yur mind!'
'from the shackles and the chains.
mental slavery make the ghetto youths insane.'
'for how long shall we stay in this misery?
living with lies and hypocrisy?'
'long time we a suffer still the movement cyaan done!
stand firm, mi sistren, we keep the fire bun!'
'one day we will get back our rights,
the righteous will reach the higher heights'

when will I-man be free, be free of mental slavery
when will we wake up and see, and see we marching in unity
when will I-man be free, be free of mental slavery
when will I-man receive, receive I rights to live in equality"

Kali Green - Whole Heap A Trouble
"whole heap a trouble
and dem people cyaan reach out
dem divided so dem cyaan really shout
self destruction dem promote on a daily
so blind people don't really stand a chance

together as one
we must be to become
a glorified spirit
rising above the sun
fi long time dem done gon' trick we
seperate our people and make we enemies enemies
beyond racist acts
and violence in yur family
dem seperate yur soul from yur body 'til eternity
mi watch how dem move so dem cyaan drain mi energy
whole heap a trouble
and the masses still nah cuddle

fi understand yurself
haffi understand another
respect uno self and respect uno brother
nah sitting too big man can get it if him wanna
respect uno soil cause the land is the mother
the vision is unity
nah new conception this
escape from the rules or the laws of the matrix

take a dubplate haffi bump this
ah hear this
yu tuned into some of the maddest lyrics
music fi the soul in a concrete forest
oneness we promote and we nah take a rest
buddybyeye say yu cyaan contest
buddybyebye disya roots manifest

hold on
take a moment fi reason
smoke a chalice with the I
make the fire rise
wicked babylon we go catch em by surprise
Jah youths a go burn fire pon the enterprise
dem shattered Jah jewel into many different pieces
the power to ignite and ensure future species
to bring back equality all over the nations
burn segregation

whole heap a trouble
but dem people speak out
dem unite fi go build a stronger crowd
build a movement and dem think that we crazy
so people run come rally"