Violinbwoy ft. Echo Ranks – Don’t Kill Your Brother [LIONSCHOICEV02]

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Release Date: 01/08/2016

here comes the second VINYL in the >Lion's Choice< series...

this version hails back to early 2014 when I invited Echo Ranks longside Radikal Guru for a Lion's Den meets Moonshine Recordings night to the old Yaam… we used the little time before the session and the next morning to record some dubs with Echo in my little room back then for some Berlin soundmen and had a first exchange on the idea of a collaboration… some time after this meeting I sent him a heavy steppaz riddim by Violinbwoy and he went into the studio in Leicester to record "Don't Kill Your Brother"… those vocals were then sent to Poland and got the Violinbwoy dub treatment, him creating two completely new versions… full power, full force…
as I love the style and works of vrki and his Digitron Sound project a lot, the idea wasn't far-fetched to ask him for a remix… and so he gave it the psy-hooligan-steppas-approach :P just a glimpse of what's to come after those good times we spent together this spring and summer on tour, in the studio and on different festivals and sessions… watch out for some tuff collaborations :P

Violinbwoy feat. Echo Ranks - Don't Kill Your Brother [LIONSCHOICEV02]

A1 // Violinbwoy feat. Echo Ranks - Don't Kill Your Brother
A2 // Violinbwoy - Don't Kill Your Dub

B1 // Echo Ranks - Don't Kill Nobody, Please [Digitron Remix]
B2 // Don't Kill Dub! [Digitron Remix]

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*05.09.2016 - DIGITAL release

LION'S DEN /// /// produced & mixed by W. Przysiezny aka Violinbwoy /// remixed by T. Vrkljan aka Digitron /// lyrics & voice by T. Hanley aka Echo Ranks /// vocals recorded by S. Gibbs aka Steve Vibronics @ Vibronics Studio /// artwork by /// mastered by Star Delta Mastering /// pressed by Delta Disc Manufacturing /// All rights reserved. © + ℗ 2016 Lion's Den

12" / 45RPM / 4 Track EP / 180g / 500pcs. limited & hand-numbered
DIGIKALLY (MP3 / WAV / etc.)

This series reveals some unique compositions on three different 12inch discs to take you on an extraordinary journey - a more than three year collaborative work with our good friend and musical mastermind Violinbwoy finally ready fi all sound systems around the globe. Again a path from version over version to a next version - dubwise all the way… nuff tuff riddims, mixes, dubz and vocals were sent back and forth between Poland, Germany, France, Croatia and the UK, with some nice encounters on stage, in the studio, on tour or somewhere in between…

"I Man Be Free" comes with two great righteous voices from Berlin, Saralène and Kali Green, chanting for freedom and unity. A real wake up call for all bredrin and sistren. A stepping riddim to make the bass rumble wherever this anthem reach… and it has already reached some dances around Europe with support by some big names in the scene...
Of course it contains a heavyweight dub and a 'part 2 style' extra raw and ruff version. Violinbwoy displaying some of his versatility in the arena of dubwise.
Flipping the disc reveals a very special gem: An almost classical piece, a lovely piano, accompanying Kali Green singing about "Whole Heap A Trouble" in the world - still forward on the positive vibeZ. Music across any kind of genre border that goes under one's skin and makes one tremble under the power of vibrations…

"Don't Kill Your Brother" is a tune very much needed in those times of political turmoil and warfare. Echo Ranks from Leicester, UK, calling upon his I-dren to stop the senseless killing. A message of peace for the youths of today. In this instance with a ruff remix by the 'Balkan Dub Defenders' Digitron from Zagreb, Croatia - electronic madness style… Each side with a 'part 2' dub mix in full effect.

The third vinyl is "Too Hot Fi Dem" - pure fire, again with Kali Green outta the Lion's Den on the vocals - strictly message music for the people. Pierced with another special remix version of "Don't Kill Your Brother" by Echo Ranks on the flipside - this time hailing from Paris, France, with none other than the mighty Bredrin Records on the mix to mek yu jump and twist… again both sides with powerful dubwise versions… nah compromise…

All dubs were transferred to 1/2inch Tape for extra analogue warmth, mastered with care and pressed on high quality 180g vinyl by Star Delta / Delta Disc, UK. It is also digitally available.
Conscious music fooooorward…

===== [about the artists] =====

Violinbwoy [Wrocław / PL]

Violinbwoy is a musician and producer based in Wroclaw, Poland, who creates sounds of roots & culture. Classically trained violinist. Once his music was recognized, he was requested to deliver his heavy dubplates to sound systems and radio stations from the UK, Germany, France, Croatia, Poland, Italy, Portugal, Philippines, the United States and well beyond including the mighty Jah Shaka, Blackboard Jungle & many more.
In the recent times a number of heavy releases on acclaimed dub / rootzstep-labels have entered the dub sessions near and far.

Echo Ranks [Leicester / UK]

A very special voice hailing from Leicester, UK. His many collaborations and big tunes with labels such as Scoops, Blackboard Jungle, Nuff Powa, Dub Tunnel, Moonshine Recordings, Livication Corner, Dubalistik,… played all over at sound system dances.

Digitron Sound [Zagreb / HR]

Digitron Sound System, pioneer dub sound outta Croatia, balkan dub defenders! Since 2007 based on members of 2 live dub bands (Radikal Dub Kolektiv and Bamwise), piled up and led with the intention of making the first Croatian sound system, in a country where there was no culture of its kind. Musicwise closest to UK sound of digital dub with influences of different musical directions, from electronic music, to more organic. Usual suspects in Croatian and European underground scene: festivals, clubs, autonomous zones etc...
Digitron runs many nights in the biggest Croatian and only alternative cultural centre, former squat called Medika. A monthly program is paired with organizing and running many dub stages on different festivals (Modem, Lost Theory, Seasplash etc…). Apart from being active as an act that has been performing all across Europe on some of the leading festivals and club nights (Fusion, Reggaebus, Hadra, Lusine etc…), Digitron also has a label called Digitron Records and is an active production force - always ruff and tuff.

===== [lyrics] =====

Echo Ranks - Don't Kill Your Brother
"it's good over evil
hear mi now people

kill a no heart
kill a no soul
how dem so wicked
how dem so cold
why dem no let the good times roll
life is worth more than silver and gold

don't kill your brother in this time
war and crime
leave it behind
don't kill your brother in this time
peace and love
to all mankind

youth and youth just use uno brain
don't kill nobody fi two gold chain
done the badness kindly refrain
it nah make sense fi play satan game

don't kill your brother in this time
war and crime
leave it behind
don't kill your brother in this time
peace and love
to all mankind

don't kill your brother
I beg you love one another
don't kill your brother
love one another

everyday dem a kill kill kill
tell dem fi cool tell dem fi chill
sick dem sick or a ill dem ill
look how much coffin get fill
I know someting new it a gwaan long time
Cain and Able springs to mind
all dem so wicked all dem so unkind
dem just a gwaan like dem blind

don't kill your brother in this time
war and crime
leave it behind
don't kill your brother in this time
peace and love
to all mankind"