Roommate – Inna Di Lion’s Den [Avocaudio#029]

Categories : Tune

Release Date: 17/06/2014

01. Roommate - Roar (Intro)
02. Roommate, Freytakt & Darkwing Dub - Mt. Zion
03. Roommate & Ras Lion ft. Kali Green - Wicked Babylon
04. Roommate, Ras Lion & Darkwing Dub - Anything Is Anything
05. Roommate & Ras Lion - Ska Funk
06. Roommate & Ras Lion - Whole Heart
07. Roommate & Darkwing Dub - Vintage Vibes
08. Roommate, Ras Lion & Darkwing Dub ft. Kali Green & konTa - Drop Another One
09. Roommate - Gray
10. Roommate & Darkwing Dub - Youthman

"On my last European tour, in between the shows, I was stationed in Berlin and more specifically the Lion's Den studio. Amidst all the tour madness, some close friends and I were able to produce a full collaboration album!! I'm so pleased and thankful for these friends and so stoked to annouce the release of our album!! Got the masters back & it's set to drop June 17th! Summer vibes!!!!!!" - Roommate