RDH Hi-Fi meets Kandee Dub – TNT [LIONSCHOICE003]

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Release Date: 18/12/2017

RDH Hi-Fi meets Kandee Dub - TNT [LIONSCHOICE003]

A1 // TNT [original mix]
A2 // TNT Part II [original mix]
B // TNT Part V [ODD]

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LION'S DEN /// www.lionsdensound.de /// produced by C. Mahe aka Clem RDH & C. Audrain aka Kandee Dub /// artwork by Martin Engelbogen /// mastered by Star Delta Mastering /// All rights reserved. © + ℗ 2017 Lion's Den

12" / 45RPM / 3 Track EP / 180g / 500pcs. limited & hand-numbered
DIGIKALLY (MP3 / WAV / etc.)

As we have been loving their music a lot, always moved by their hardcore approach, we are very proud to present this first project joining forces with the mighty RDH Hi-Fi from Nantes, France. A unique type of RAW instrumental steppaz for all sound systems near and far.
This disc holds pure heavyweight dub business inna future style - a meeting with Kandee, also hailing from Nantes, France, on a riddim called “TNT” - dropping like a musical bomb with full force. Of course we couldn’t leave out some raw dubwise excursions - from the original mix from 2014 and a recut from 2016.

earthquake, lightning and thunder...

Both sides were transferred to 1/2inch Tape for extra analogue warmth, mastered with care and pressed on high quality limited and hand-numbered 180g vinyl by Star Delta / Delta Disc, UK - of course also digikally available.

===== [about the artists] =====

RDH Hi-Fi [Nantes / FR]

The RDH Hi-Fi project was created by Clem and Simon, as they both wanted to get involved in the sound system movement, and participate in the promotion of reggae music as well as its positivity and message of unity.

Both instrument players at a young age, RDH Sound is also producing and playing home-made original dub productions and exclusive dubplates.
Inspired by legendary sounds and producers such as King Earthquake, Zion Gate Hi-Fi or Gussie P (to mention only a few), as well as other classical Jamaican artists such as Burning Spear or Culture, their selection flows through different kinds of styles of music that are part of the history of reggae and dub music up to the latest steppers/electro dub productions freshly out of their own studio.
To ensure the best knowledge and control of the equipment they’re using, they try to build all the machines and materials they need (speaker boxes, dub sirens, effects, preamps, etc.) themselves - as the pioneers of the sound used to do.

They’re promoting the sound system movement, spreading a positive and conscious message through the physical and spiritual vibrations of their sessions.

Kandee [Nantes / FR]

Kandee Dub, a dub maker from Nantes, France.
Starts his musical path at the age of 13, first playing guitar and singing. When 17 he gets into electronic music production and experiments with drum n bass sounds follow. Eventually he discovers sound system culture and slides into dub production. Since then it has been quite a few collaborations with other french dub activists in the studio or live and first albums and singles are out on Marée Bass, ODG Prod and Blackboard Jungle.
Heavy french steppers, powerful electronic sounds merging with dynamic and organic elements… a musical journey to make you skank.