Step-by-step… inna soundsystem stylee – mixtape

Categories : Mixtape, Steppas

Release Date: 04/12/2017

here comes a brand new mixtape on the steppas tip… music for upliftment…
play it loud, turn up the sub and get those skanking moves out… ;-)

p.s.: and don’t forget to support yur local sound system and/or record label !!

01. Aketi Ray - Reflect & Rise (Steppas Records)
02. Dread & Fred - Warriors Stance (Jah Shaka Music)
03. Dub Defender ft. Michael Prophet - Hold Them (Echotronix)
04. Dub Defender - Dub Them (Echotronix)
05. Kheru Jonah Dan ft. Barry Brown - Step It Up (Future Attack)
06. Kheru Jonah Dan - Step It Dub (Future Attack)
07. Kris Kemist ft. Fred Locks - Jah Is Wonderful (Reality Shock Records)
08. Kris Kemist - Jah Is Wonderful PT 2 Dub Mix (Reality Shock Records)
09. Fullness ft. Mikey General - Chariots And Horses (Karna Tone)
10. Fullness - Dubwise (Karna Tone)
11. Amoul Bayi All Stars ft. Saah Karim - It’s Over (Amoul Bayi Records)
12. Petah Sunday ft. UK Principal - Mistry Babylon (I-tal Soup)
13. Petah Sunday - Mistry Dub (I-tal Soup)
14. Iyah One - Negusa Negast (Deng Deng Music)
15. Russ D ft. Fikir Amlak - I Am That I Am (Akashic Records)
16. Russ D - Mix 2 (Akashic Records)
17. Alpha Steppa ft. Cologne - Mek We March (Steppas Records)
18. Dutty Hands & Cranky General ft Joseph Lalibela - Jah Fingers (Irie Vibes Records)
19. Dutty Hands & Cranky General - Jah Dub (Irie Vibes Records)
20. Habesha ft. Ark Aingelle - In Awe (Habeshites)
21. Habesha - Awe Dub (Habeshites)
22. Kris Naphtali ft. Tena Stelin - Peace And Love (Yantra Records)
23. Kris Naphtali - Peace And Dub (Yantra Records)
24. Mr. Zebre ft. Daddy Dread - Clarinet Mix (Emana Sound Records)
25. King Alpha ft. Fikir Amlak - Africa We Prefer (Akashic Records)
26. King Alpha - Africa We Dub (Akashic Records)
27. Massive Dub Corporation ft. Danman - Dread Inna Babylon (Berry’s Records)
28. EK - Flock Chapter I Verse I (Bredrin Records)
29. EK - Flock Chapter II Verse I (Bredrin Records)
30. Magma ft. Danny Red - I Don’t Know [Alpha Steppa RawMix] (Bass Pirates)
31. Magma ft. Danny Red - I Don’t Know [Alpha Steppa AcidMix] (Bass Pirates)

[Ras Lion on the controls]