1-2-3-4 STEPPING!!! inna soundsystem stylee – mixtape

Categories : Mixtape, Steppas

Release Date: 21/03/2016

Ras Lion - 1-2-3-4 STEPPING!!! inna soundsystem stylee - mixtape

here comes another brand new mixtape outta di Den… in anticipation of lotta things happening in the next months… some sweet sessions and touring, as well as a number of releases ahead…

pure skanking times on this one… stepping foooorward!

01. The Dub Machinist feat. Carlton Livingston - Stepper Anthem (Control Tower Records)
02. Cultural Warriors feat. Murray Man & Afrikan Simba - We Are Warriors (Cultural Warriors Music)
03. MDC feat. Queen Omega - LIONESS ROAR [MDC re-remix] (forthcoming Lion's Den)
04. Kilimanzion meets Torch - Victory (dubplate)
05. Gary Clunk - Dub Out Deh (ODGProd)
06. Haspar feat. Madu Messenger - Throw Dem Back (Archetype Records)
07. Kunterbunt feat. Heights Appear - Kingston 13 (Vibe Factory)
08. Dub All Sense feat. Fikir Amlak - Fallen Soldiers (4Weed)
09. Weeding Dub feat. Oulda - Check Yourself (Wise & Dubwise Recordings)
10. Tozer feat. Michael Prophet - Free Up Jah Vibes (Rootical Attack Records)
11. Tozer - Dub Vibz (Rootical Attack Records)
12. Dandelion Soundsystem feat. Isayah meets Topas - Rasta Forward (New Flower Records)
13. Natural High Dubs - Circus Panda (dubplate)
14. Dubconductor - Break The Chain [Iration Steppas Remix] (Dub Conductor Music)
15. Dubconductor - Chainsaw Dub [Iration Steppas Remix] (Dub Conductor Music)
16. Sam Fi feat. Delta Sonic - Delta Skank (Tan Dubz)

[Ras Lion on the controls]