Panda Dub ft. Daddy Freddy, Brother Culture & Kali Green – Lent Roots Pour Chant EP [LIONS001]

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Release Date: 07/10/2013

Panda Dub feat. Daddy Freddy, Brother Culture & Kali Green - Lent Roots Pour Chant EP [LIONS001]

A1 // Daddy Freddy - Hot A Di Press
A2 // Brother Culture - Dance Teng
B1 // Kali Green - Hard Working
B2 // Panda Dub - Lent Roots Pour Dub

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LION'S DEN /// /// contact [at] /// produced by P. Neyrand aka Panda Dub /// vocals recorded by J. John aka Ras Lion @ Lion's Den Studio /// mixed by J. McCauley aka Roommate /// lyrics & voice by F. Nelson aka Daddy Freddy (1) /// S. Fajemisin aka Brother Culture (2) /// T. Mokheseng aka Kali Green (3) /// artwork by /// mastered by Star Delta Mastering /// pressed by Delta Disc Manufacturing /// All rights reserved. © + ℗ 2013 Lion's Den /// LC-Code 30864

12" / 45RPM / 4 Track EP / 180g / 500pcs. limited & hand-numbered

For the first release Lion's Den has teamed up with the heavyweight steppaz producer Panda Dub outta Lyon, France, to deliver finest in conscious dub for all music lovers. A driving riddim with three different vocal and a special heavy steppaz dub cut, mixed by Roommate outta San Francisco, USA, and finally transferred to 1/2inch Tape for extra analogue warmth, mastered with care and pressed on high quality limited and hand-numbered 180g vinyl by Star Delta / Delta Disc, UK - of course also digikally available.
The first track coming "Hot A Di Press" is a soundbwoy anthem style combination with the legendary Jamaica-born Daddy Freddy outta Nottingham, UK, on the microphone - a dedication to the soundsystem culture, a musical murderation. The second tune features the "Original Rasta MC" Brother Culture outta Brixton, UK, with some oldstyle "Dance Teng" lyrics from 1985 and the third vocal is from Lesotho-born Kali Green outta Berlin, Germany, chanting with full power and dedication - calling out for some "Hard Working" and conscious living instead of hypocritical dealings. Last but not least, Panda Dub himself cut a heavy steppaz dub version, ready to nice up every soundsystem session from the north to the south and from the east to the west.
Message music for the people…

Lion's Den will set the fire ablaze with this debut, but from there on it will keep on burning and many further projects are already lined up - so watch out.

For bookings, mixtapes, studio sessions, voicings, new tunes and dubplates or any other inquiries contact:
LION'S DEN /// contact [at]

===== [about the artists] =====

Panda Dub [Lyon / FR]

"Un animal, du son." (engl.: "An animal, of sound.")

Panda Dub is a rising French dubmaker and live performer. Inspired at first by the french electro-dub school (High Tone, Brain Damage, Improvisators Dub…) on the one side and the heavy steppaz oriented UK-dub scene (Iration Steppas, Alpha & Omega…) on the other side, his creations have thereafter evolved to a personal style : Panda’s touch wisely mixes together ethno samples, fresh electronic melodies, enchanting textures and punchy stepper rhythms sustained by powerful basslines. Delivering strictly uplifting organic Dub sound somewhere between roots, (UK) steppaz and (french) electro dub making the listener jump and skank while sending the mind on a journey. Many of his albums are digitally available for free through the french dub platform OriginalDubGathering. Other labels with his work include: Dubatriation and Fresh Poulp.

Daddy Freddy [Nottingham / UK]

The world's fastest rapper according to the -Guinness Book of World Records, Jamaican-born Daddy Freddy was also one of the first artists to fuse ragga and dancehall with hip-hop, helping establish a style that would become highly influential during the '90s. Freddy (*1965) grew up in the Trenchtown area and, taught by Ranking Joe, started on the microphone for his uncle's sound system, eventually moving on to join Lieutenant Stitchie and, most importantly, Sugar Minott. His gigs with Minott's sound system helped make his name in Jamaica and, following an overseas UK tour, in 1985, he made his first recording for Clement "Coxsone" Dodd's Studio One label. From there on he recorded many great tunes and scored a remarkable six Top Ten hits in Jamaica during 1986. In 1987, Freddy returned to the U.K. and embarked on a musical journey with people like Asher D, Top Cat, Tenor Fly and Prento Youth and worked for the legendary Coxsone Sound and the record label Congo Natty. Artists such as Dr. Dre, Cypress Hill and David Morales requested collaborations and others like The Prodigy, Salt 'n' Pepa and KRS-One sampled his unique voice. In 1988, Freddy set a new World Record topping 500 syllables per minute. The rest is history. His recording list reads endlessly by now and he moves somewhere between the UK and JA, recording for many different artists in a variety of genres - Dancehall, Hip Hop, Jungle, Dubstep and beyond. Especially his recent collaborations with Bass Music producers like The Bug, Congo Natty, Mungo's Hi-Fi or Part2Style seem to give the "legend" a new audience.

Brother Culture – di original Rasta MC [Brixton / UK]

Brother Culture is one of the original Rasta MCs from Brixton, London. He started to mc in 1982 as part of the Jah Revelation Muzik Soundsystem . By the 80s Brother Culture was touring Jamaica , USA , Canada and Trinidad (the list reads much longer today: Europe, the U.K., Hong Kong, Philippines, India, Brazil, Japan, Mexico and many more). After a long stay in the USA , Brother Culture returned to London in the 90s where he started to mc at London's famous "Dub Club". He linked up with producers such as Nick Manasseh, Fire Lion Studio and selectors such as Cecil Rueben. Since the 90s Brother Culture has built a strong reputation on the MC circuit. He has worked and recorded with artists such as Mungo's Hi-Fi, Roommate, Adrian Sherwood, Dubmatix, Kinyama Sound, Kanka, Brain Damage, Manasseh, Zion Train, the Prodigy, Twilight Circus, Reggae Roast, J*Star, Ras Kush, Subsonar and many many more .
Always bringing you a righteous message and heavy lyrics - Brother Culture - number One !!

Kali Green [Maseru/Berlin / LS/GER]

watch out fi di wicked lion Kali Green on di microphone and di beatmachine - he is part of di Lion's Den family… nuff a dem stylez! di voice comin’ in hot, comin’ in sweet! haffi check it out, indeed…!
right now hitting di stage all over and recording some wicked material inna di Lion’s Den… the first release is already out on King Dubbist and some further material can already be found in the web… he is also featured on the first Lion's Den EP…

===== [lyric excerpts] =====

Daddy Freddy - Hot A Di Press
"...say disya one ya man it hot
mi say it hot, it hot, it hot like fire
it hot, it hot, say hot like pepper
this one ya hot, it hot, it hot like fire
bun dem, bun dem, bun dem, bun dem, bun dem like pepper

it hot of a di press
it a di latest request
dem love it inna di north, di south, di east and inna di west
yes, mi a di best
put it to yur chest
a likkl punk outta street cyaan test

so hear mi say yu
hold dem, beat dem, bag dem, chuck dem
put dem inna body bag and yes we going to whap dem
bad like a yard, which part mi come from
inna di heart a di city a di place kingston

kill dem a ready we gonna kill dem again
murder again and mi say murder mi friend
mi tell yu
musical murder
say push it likkl further
and hold dem likkl punk de over de so really hurt a..."

Brother Culture - Dance Teng
"...bubble with a slip a sleng teng
lord mi a go bubble with a slip a sleng teng
(didlteng didlteng didlteng)
bubble with a slip a sleng teng
bredda culture a go bubble with a slip a sleng teng
yu enter inna di dance
yu fi enter inna peace
yu walk down the road
yu fi walk inna peace
yu take up no gun
no take up no knife
cause if yu do that yu a go loose your life
who live by the right, live by the right
who live by the wrong, live by the wrong
and then yu find the weak, and then yu got the strong
and inna disya time we haffi get along

that's why I'm gonna
bubble with a slip a sleng teng
culture a go bubble with a slip a sleng teng
tell dem again
bubble with a slip a sleng teng
lord mi a go bubble with a slip a sleng teng
ain't no way up and there ain't no way down (buddybye)
I tell dem bout di sound I say yu got to gather round (right)
move through di country, yu move through di town
rastafari blessing it a spread all around
rockit and yu bubble and yu bubble and yu rock
ain't no sound mi tell yu bout this old pan top
keep it right, keep it righteous, keep it conscious all the while
ain't no sound mi tell yu say we well versatile..."

Kali Green - Hard Working
"...only jah knows what tomorrow may bring
saturday disya music mi a sing
never wait at home for di telephone fi ring
get up get up, do something
someone fi take, and dem never want fi give back
dem a big talk
who never stop fi chitchat
dem a sit down
sit down and do nothing

while we are working working working
we keep on working working working
and still we working working working
forever working
forever working there

we are working working
bricks keep stacking
building a better tomorrow for dem youths dem
we a sweating sweating
water keep pouring
all this hard work will never be invain

mi nah like what I see everyday
my people sufferah
mi nah like what I see everyday
my people beggerah
mi nah like what I see everyday
my people scatterah
dem get caught up in a bad way
by dem vampayaa..."