Natural Tribulation ft. Black Omolo – Steamers Meditation [LIONSCHOICE004]

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Release Date: 18/04/2018

Natural Tribulation feat. Black Omolo - Steamers Meditation [LIONSCHOICE004]
mixed and dubbed by Rootical45

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A1 // Natural Tribulation feat. Black Omolo - Steamers Meditation [Rootical45 Vocal Mix]
A2 // Natural Tribulation - Steamers Version [Rootical45 Riddim Mix]

B1 // Natural Tribulation - Steaming Sax Dub [Rootical45 Dub]
B2 // Natural Tribulation - Cutting Thru Steam Dub [Rootical45 Dub]

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LION'S DEN /// /// produced by V. Michon aka Natural Tribulation /// sax by J. François /// lyrics, voice & recording thereof by R. A. Omolo aka Black Omolo @ Black & Royal Lifestyle /// mixed by O. Roussel aka Rootical45 @ Blackboard Jungle Studio /// artwork by Martin Engelbogen /// frequencies lifted by LXC @ Watta Sound /// All rights reserved. © + ℗ 2017 Lion's Den

12" / 45RPM / 4 Track EP / 500pcs. limited & hand-numbered
DIGIKALLY (MP3 / WAV / etc.)

Here comes a brand new collaboration reaching from France via Germany to the Netherlands, back to France and now into the world…
A powerful composition by our friends Natural Tribulation from Grenoble, France, was sent to the great Kenyan singer Empress Black Omolo (based in the Netherlands) for recording. The result: a sweet horns melody and deep bassline, bubbling organs and a pumping riddim meet a tuff voice and conscious lyrics inna “Steamers Meditation” style.
The vocal together with the multitracks of the instrumental then went back to France - this time into the Blackboard Jungle Studio - and the whole project got special mixing treatment by the dubmaster Rootical45.
Now in full effect. A rootikal anthem full of positive energy for all skanking addicts - including several dub excursions for the sound system heads…

===== [about the artists] =====

Natural Tribulation [Grenoble / France]

Natural Tribulation started in 2011, with four young boys, all passionate about roots reggae and UK steppers dub.
Educated by sound systems like Aba Shanti, Iration Steppas, King Earthquake, Jah Shaka and so many others, the envy to spread their music too was growing rapidly.

In the beginning there was no sound system, just a few speakers and boxes of vinyls. Which allowed them to organize the first dances in the south east of France.
Then some members of the Natural Tribulation crew started to produce more of their own music. In 2013, Natural Tribulation Sound System was born. Allowing to power bigger dances and festivals on a crystal and rough sound.
Since 2015, a lot of projects are on the road.
Such as the building of a new studio and the building of a second stack for the sound system.

Until now, Natural Tribulation music was mostly heard in sound system dances - all exclusive… But more and more works seeing release in those recent times…
A 7“ on Archetype Records has been pressed and released in May 2015, called Maloredus Western – Western Dub.
Further there is a digital release on Archetype Records All Stars Volume 1, with a track called Every Horn Shall Dub/Every Dub Shall Roar.
And finally a free release album soon to come.

Black Omolo [NL / KE]

Born 16-11-1989 in Kenya brought up in the Netherlands since 1995. Black Omolo has been making music since she was 5 years old. She came in contact with several different music styles, when she was singing in the church choir and by taking private lessons. Growing up, she listened to music by singers like Lauryn Hill, Tracy Chapman, Erykah Badu and Anouk (Holland).
Black Omolo also got inspired by her mother and general life experiences. This led to her getting more conscious about life. She got a spiritual connection and started living, feeling and breathing Rastafari energy. She got a sign and her spirit drove her straight into roots music.
Black Omolo started with singing backing vocals live, but it didn’t take long for her to take her place as a lead artist. Her strong appearance and energy was right there ready to shine!
While working with her Dutch reggae band ‘Gideon Grounds’ for 7 years, Black Omolo released her first release called "Love Your Life” in November 2013.
Around the same time she toured for 3 months in East Africa. In Kenya the Empress is rapidly taking her place in the hearts of her own people with her music hitting the airwaves and massive live performances.
After touching Europe in February 2014 Black Omolo Has been shining on different festivals and concerts in Europe such as Reggae Geel, Zwarte Cross , Amsterdam HMH Reggae Festival, Mek It Burn, Rototom Sunsplash, Hootananny London and more....
Black Omolo has been Working with different sound systems like King Shiloh, Black Board Jungle, Black Rose, King Alpha, Pacha Mama and many more.
In 2015 Black Omolo did her European Summer Tour called ‘Love Your Life’ trough Denmark, Austria, Slovenia, Czech Republik, Belgium, and Spain promoting her EP.
In October 2015 Black Omolo made her first trip to Jamaica, Where she got the opportunity to introduce her music on the island - through performances, interviews and connecting with different artists, producers and studios. Black Omolo recorded her video “More Positivity” and did a collaboration with Exile D Brave & Kazam Davis. Her 2 week visit was good spent with hard work. A return for more works is already in the planning.
After a year of hard work, Black Omolo just released her first double CD at the end of 2016, containing some of her most recent tracks and collaborations.

Rootical45 [Rouen / FR]

Rootical45 aka Mc Oliva should be well known in the dub circuit, as he is sound- and micman for none other than Blackboard Jungle - the rootical warrior Sound System outta France. At the same time he is also the main audio engineer and dubmaster when it comes to their own studio and is responsible for most mixes on their label. Lovely fx worlds and proper dubwise styles…

===== [lyrics excerpt] =====

Black Omolo - Steamers Meditation

“take out your steamer
pull out your chalice
kutchie haffi full up
boom high grade
steamer haffi bubble
chalice haffi blaze
give thankz and praise
all days / always

steamers deep inna meditation
steamers a bubble
chalice haffi blaze
give thankz and praise
inna iration
chanting redemption songs

inna deep meditation
I n I fighting for liberation
equal rights and justice
what we want
for my people is for the nation

take out your steamer
pull out your chalice
kutchie haffi full up
boom high grade
steamer haffi bubble
chalice haffi blaze
give thankz and praise
all days / always

inna deep meditation
steamer haffi bubble
chalice haffi blaze
smoke out the wicked dem
and dem dutty ways
coconut chal deya keep the fire on
keep on chanting down dutty babylon
high grade deya nuff keep the fire on
keep on burning more fire pon rome

take out your steamer
pull out your chalice
kutchie haffi full up
boom high grade
steamer haffi bubble
chalice haffi blaze
give thankz and praise
all days / always

bubbling in the morning
bubbling in the evening
steaming is a healing
it gives you natural feeling
I love my steaming