Dub All Sense ft. Mr. Williamz, MrDill Lion Warriah & Longfingah – Rudebwoy Corporation EP [LIONS4WD001]

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Release Date: 20/04/2015

Dub All Sense feat. Mr. Williamz, MrDill Lion Warriah & Longfingah - Rudebwoy Corporation EP [LIONS4WD001]

Dub All Sense meets...
A1 // Mr. Williamz - Haffi Bun
A2 // MrDill Lion Warriah - My Story
A3 // Longfingah - Old Shatterhand

B1 // Mr. Williamz - Haffi Bun [Welders HiFi Remix]
B2 // MrDill Lion Warriah - Another Story [Zion Train Remix]
B3 // Longfingah - Old Shatterhand [Jambassa Remix]

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LION'S DEN & 4WEED /// www.lionsdensound.de /// www.4weed.net /// produced by Luigi " Dubline " Telese aka Dub All Sense (A1-A3) /// trumpets by Enzo Daddio (A1) /// melody by Daniele Elnadie (A2) /// mixed by N. Perch (A1-A3) /// remixed by J. Belaych aka Jo Welder from Welders HiFi (B1) /// N. Perch aka Zion Train (B2) /// Carmine Minichiello (Gamino) & Raffaele Gargiulo (Papa Lele) aka Jambassa (B3) /// vocals recorded @ Shooting Range Studio UK (1) /// 4Weed Music Studio (2) /// GuerillJah Studio (3) /// lyrics & voice by M. Williams aka Mr. Williamz (1) /// M. Vinciguerra aka MrDill Lion Warriah (2) /// H. Rockahr aka Longfingah (3) /// artwork by martinengelbogen.com /// mastered by Star Delta Mastering /// pressed by Delta Disc Manufacturing /// All rights reserved. © + ℗ 2014 Lion's Den & 4Weed

12" / 33RPM / 6 Track EP / 180g / 500pcs. limited & hand-numbered
DIGIKALLY (MP3 / WAV / etc.)

4Weed and Lion's Den in collaboration present...

"Rudebwoy Corporation" - as times are getting crazier in the urban jungles of today, a few rudebwoys scattered all over the world join forces to deliver some serious musical artillery for all soundsystems…
A heavy combination of Dub All Sense from Italy on the machines and instruments and sensi bandelero Mr. Williamz from London, UK, militant souljah MrDill Lion Warriah from Naples, Italy, and "Old Shatterhand" aka Longfingah from Berlin, Germany, on lyrical duties. All mixed by dub pioneer Neil Perch from the legendary Zion Train.
The first side of the EP starts off with a ganja anthem inna steppaz fashion "Haffi Bun" - a tribute to all herb activists. Rolls on with some conscious autobiographical message about "My Story" a "militant story" - and ends with a ride into the wild wild west on the horse of "Old Shatterhand".
The second side contains a spezial remix of each tune. A heavy soundsystem redub by Welders HiFi from Avignon / Aix en Provence, France, a steppaz dub version by Zion Train from Cologne, Germany ( / UK) and a groovy and spacious minimal dub remix by Jambassa from Irpinia, Italy.
Both sides were transferred to 1/2inch Tape for extra analogue warmth, mastered with care and pressed on high quality limited and hand-numbered 180g vinyl by Star Delta / Delta Disc, UK - digikally available through the 4Weed netlabel. A special dedication to all musical activists. Stand tall, nah back against the wall.

LION'S DEN /// Germany /// contact[at]lionsdensound.de /// www.lionsdensound.de
4WEED RECORDS /// Italy /// info[at]4weed.net /// http://4weed.net/

===== [about the labels] =====


“4WEED Music is an independent reality, recording studio, label, promotion agency,    magazine dedicated to the Bass Music.”

It was founded in 2008, specialized in Bass music and cooperates with various independent labels, producers, singers, musicians, DJs, bands supporting them with studio works – co-productions – promotion and sale of the releases – artists promotion.
4WEED Mission: to produce underground music – support musical vanguards – promote the “do it yourself” concept – create a true alternative to the classic vision of a recording label - support social projects with our skills.
Follow us on our social networks, magazine, live events.
Support us buying our music, attending our live gigs, promoting our artists.

LION'S DEN - fire sound all around

[ Dub // Steppaz // Rootzstep // Dubstep // Reggae // Jungle ]

Lion’s Den is a label / a soundsystem / a studio / a platform / a collective / a production and promotion force / a “political solidarity support” focused all around music currently situated inna Berlin, Germany.
The idea of di Lion’s Den was set into place by di I-dren Ras Lion (GER) a few years ago and has since been developing all along the way. It’s all about connecting different people, different influences and inspiration and merging energies to make di fire bun! The record label Lion’s Den has the aim to promote proper Dub, Steppaz, Rootzstep, Dubstep, Reggae and Jungle music on vinyl and digitally, including videos, art installations, merchandise, etc.
Lion’s Den is working with various vocalists, musicians and producers from all over the world to deliver finest conscious music and spread the positive vibez – on a musical mission… Our forms of expression include wicked live and dj sets as well as studio recordings, jam sessions and soundsystem dances.
  As a soundsystem force dem come in with a heavy weight selection of finest conscious music… musical ambassador Ras Lion (selektah / engineer), mostly joined on lyrical duties by the multilingual MCs/singers Kali Green and konTa or guests.
A fine selection of tuff dubs and conscious lyrics combine to make the massive skank and spread positive vibez all around. Another strong force in the Lion’s Den is designer, selektah & producer Darkwing Dub outta Austria – coming in tuff with great visual and musical artillery.

===== [about the artists] =====

Dub All Sense [Santa Maria a Vico / IT]

"The new avantguard dub from Southern Italy."

April/May 2008 Luigi T. aka Dubline (dubmaster / bass / synth) and Enzo D. Aka Jamone (drums / perc. / keys) form the first line-up
February 2009 first disc " Follow the Lion " produced by Madaski and Baldini (Africa Unite / DubSync)
2009/2010 appearances at many Italian reggae festivals, "Follow the Lion Tour" with singer Filippo D'Avanzo from Jahina
April 2010 single " Afrika " from the album, remixed by Neil Perch (Zion Train / Abassi All Stars / Deep Root / Universal Egg) on 7" vinyl as part of the "Dub Conference"-series by Deep Root / Universal Egg label single "40 Inches of Gold " chosen for the second compilation of the Italian dub network
November 2010 Dub All Sense return to recording studio to produce the second album in collaboration with Deep Root / Universal Egg
December 2010 first single "Maya Song" feat. Rebecca Basso (singer of the band Loop Sided) drops with a video on Dub All Sense YouTube Official Channel
July 2011 single "Metropolis" feat. Marina P
August 2011 single "Colliman" feat. Longfingah, remixed by Neil Perch on 7" vinyl as part of the "Dub Conference"-series by Deep Root / Universal Egg label
November 2011 second album "Goodbye Riot" produced by Dub All Sense and Neil Perch
September 2012 single "People Unda Pressure Dziga RMX"
June 2013 "Fear and Loathing from Dub" on 4Weed netlabel (EP of remixes from "Goodbye Riot" in collaboration with the producers Insintesi, No Finger Nails, Dziga, Mystical Powa, IND and singer Janis)
December 2013 back in the studio to work on the third LP and on a collaboration with the German label Lion's Den for a 12" vinyl
January 2014 "Jump Up" feat. MC Baco drops with a video on Dub All Sense YouTube Official Channel as a tribute to the artistic work of Alice Pasquini, curator of the graphic work of "Goodbye Riot"
January 2014 studio work for the third album includes a new band formed by 2 MCs, 2 dubmasters and 1 VJ

Mr. Williamz [London / UK]

Blessed with an old school flow straight out of the Supercat Academy of Dancehall, Mr. Williamz is one of the most talked about reggae artists in Europe. Born in London of Jamaican and Fiji/Greek Cypriot heritage and raised in St. Mary, Jamaica, Micah Williams' first live stage performance came at the tender age of 8 on a local sound system in Jamaica.
The event was actually a clash (lyrical competition) and he won!!!!! Pumped up by this victory, he was inspired to write more lyrics. Returning to London at age 16 he and his younger brother set up a small sound system recording dubplate specials on tape cassettes which would later be cut onto bona fide steel plates ready to play live.
After gaining a reputation with appearances on North West London talent shows, as Kool Cat, a friend of his put him in touch with Curtis Lynch Jr. After years of pestering, Curtis decided to try out this mutual friend on a project that he'd undertaken with the classic riddims of Augustus 'Gussie' Clarke. The result was a track called 'Champion' which also featured YT, Million Stylez and Blackout JA. Now renamed Mr. Williamz, he took his chance with both arms and shone on the posse cut like a supernova. His debut solo release, 'Babylon in Helicopter' followed. Also produced by Curtis Lynch Jr, it was released on Lynch's Necessary Mayhem label, reaching No1 on U.S Reggae singles charts, it also peaked at No 2 on the German Reggae countdown. This led to Mr. Williamz being honored by the BBC as the UK Reggae Artist of the year for 2008. He has since  released a number of hit singles and acclaimed albums that have been in heavy rotation by radio stations and DJs internationally. Having toured Central America (Costa Rica – Panama) and many countries in the rest of Europe, at the end of 2011 Mr. Williamz took his indelible talents on an historical tour of India. He is fast fulfilling the promise shown on his debut recording as a true microphone champion.
Other recent work includes heavy collaborations with the likes of Chopstick Dubplate, Benny Page, Part2Style Sound, Mungo's Hi-Fi, Reggae Toy Box and Maffi.

MrDill Lion Warriah [Naples / Turin / IT]

In the dub/reggae scene since 2003, as a singer he opened sessions for Channel One, Russ D, Fatman Hi Fi (singing in combination with Daddy Fatman), Jah Shaka, Word Sound & Power, Gussie P.
He performed on the mic with Jah Observer, Ras Muffet, Jah Free, Zion Train, many of the top italian sound systems (Linea di Massa, Dubass, Echotronix, Bababoom Hi Fi, Blackstarline, Moa Anbessa, Rootikal Dub Foundation, Dread Lion Hi Fi, Mystical Powa, Bandolero Movement) and in combination with the great UK singer YT.
He worked with producers like Dub Creator, Dan I, Resistence in Dub, Pressure Dub Sound, Lab Frequency, Dub All Sense, Vodoo Tapes, Wicked Dub Division, Dubmatix, Krak In Dub, Dziga and many more to mention.
He's been one of the first italian singers performing at Notting Hill Carnival of London in 2010, hosted by Jah Observer Sound System longside Never Get Burn Crew.
In 2011 at 'Way To Ras' (italian sound system meeting in Rome), and in 2013 at the first italian Dub Clash at 'Zion Station Festival' on the mic with Linea Di Massa Sound System, in 2014 at UNOD, the most important dub festival worldwide in Prestatyn with Dread Lion Hi Fi.
He also appeared in several editions of the italian Rototom Sunsplash Festival, both in the Dancehall Area and the Dub Station. With his own unique style, blend of roots, rub-a-dub and stepper style, he's always on the scene performing in sound system sessions or on the stage with live bands, DJs and selectors.
He played in Europe with Dubass Sound System (Belgium) and High Station Sound (Cyprus), Dread Lion Hi Fi (in Geneva - Dubquake). He's founder of Sativa Dub Station and member of Roots Evolution Crew, which is a sound system built in combination with Mystical Powa, promoting roots n culture by running regular dub sessions, hosting italian and international artists like Aba Shanti I, Dub Creator, Dub Terror, Moa Anbessa, Linea Di Massa, Blackstarline, Ras Hassenti, Ras Mykha, Far East, Lion's Way, Prince David. He's founder of 4Weed Music (www.4weed.net), created in 2008, and Solid Roots label, producing the international hit 'Respect' (Sister Carol).
MrDill has an important role in the promotion of dub music in Italy, also collaborating with 'longside' project (italian Dubmentary) and writing for the 4W E-zine (www.4weed.wordpress.com).

Longfingah [Berlin / GER]

Longfingah started in 1996 as a MC of a hip hop crew called Only Lyrikz. In 1998 he became a singer of the ska-punk band Ska-T and evolved his raggamuffin style, influenced by deejay veterans like Charlie Chaplin or Papa San. Till 2007 Ska-T played over 300 shows all over Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Austria and Switzerland and recorded two EPs and two albums. Since 2003 Longfingah also joined the reggae- jazz-band Wood In Di Fire at their monthly shows at Berlin's Schokoladen club. Since these days Longfingah got involved more and more into the reggae scene. So he also started to do more soundsystem shows. In 2006 he recorded his first solo-album “Rebel Style” featuring the Rude Riddim Band. In 2009 his second album “Lo-Fi Youthz / Fly Over The Yard”, a collaboration with Firetower Productions was released by Moanin, a small lable from Berlin. In the meantime Longfingah was working with a couple of bands and soundsystems such as Dub Engineers, Illbilly Hitec and Basskateers. With the Berlin based reggae-electronic band Illbilly Hitec, Longfingah had the opportunity to bring his music to the world. Recently he toured Spain, the UK, Mexico, India and Japan. Right now Longfingah is working with Hardy Digital (GuerillJah Productions) on his 4th album release.

Welders HiFi [Avignon / Aix en Provence / FR]

Collective from the south of France.
Playing & making roots / UK dub sounds.
Homemade sound inna UK style…
Promoter / Dubmaker / Sound System / Record Label & more...

Welders Hi-Fi is a sound system and a music studio among the most actives from the south of France.
Founded in 2009 by Jo & Albah, long time friends and dub activists, the project has since grown steadily - with monthly sound system sessions and original music production work, including many collaborations with other sounds and dubmakers, as well as different labels in terms of releases.
We're proud to present an original combination with Dub All Sense and Mr. Williamz on this Lion's Den / 4Weed EP.

Zion Train [Cologne / GER (/ UK)]

Zion Train are dub/dance pioneers and have been undisputed leaders in the genre for the past 2 decades. The band were heavily involved in alternative and DIY underground culture in the UK during the 1990s as well as being purveyors of the finest roots reggae music throughout this period. They are one of the finest live dub acts on the planet and promoted the practice of dynamic onstage dub mixing which they perform alongside acoustic instruments and the best vocalists.
Zion Train was founded by Perch (live dub mixing /production), in 1990 and he was later joined by Cod (melodica/production), Tench (production), Molara (voice), Hake (trumpet), and Forkbeard (trombone). Between 2001 and 2005 Dubdadda added extra live vocals and Bigga replaced Forkbeard on trombone in 2001, they were joined by Richard Doswell on tenor sax in 2009. The live line-up has always been very flexible, varying from Perch and a vocalist for sound-system gigs, to an extended lineup for larger events. Zion Train live always features a variety of renowned vocalists but primarily, the band have been fronted by Dubdadda. Zion Train have been one of the planet's most prolific groups, along with a mammoth recorded output and innumerable production credits, remixes and song writing collaborations they have produced magazines, CD-ROMs, Internet sites and built sound systems. Their early releases were on their own Universal Egg label, until in 1995 they signed to China Records. They released the world's first promotional dub music video for the 'Get Ready' single and caused a furore with the publicity campaign for their ‘Homegrown Fantasy’ album. Back on their own Universal Egg label since 1999, they have continued to release quality dub, electronica and world dance music. Their work from the past 20 years still sounds fresh to today's discerning ears.
2007 saw the release of the band’s long awaited album ‘Live as One’, their ninth. It was awarded a coveted Jamaican Reggae Grammy for ‘Best Dub Album’. The album featured vocals from Earl 16, Tippa Irie, Dubdadda, YT, Marlene Johnson, Raiz and Lua. It was incredibly well received and the tour engendered enthusiastic responses in all territories visited. They continued a pace into 2008/09 with shows in regions not previously covered, including Japan, Scandinavia and The Baltic states. There were also hugely successful festival appearances throughout the summer, highlights in the UK included Arcadia Spectacular at Glastonbury and WickerMan festival, also Reggae Geel in Belgium, Rototom Sunsplash in Italy and Reggae Sun Ska in France. 
2009 was rounded off with a further tour to promote the release of the ‘Live as One Remixed’ album. Taking in 15 nations to present the next installment, they received rave reviews throughout. The album was remixed with imagination, quality and depth, by like-minded musicians, bringing amazing results. It involved friends and collaborators in regions as diverse as Poland, Crete, Brazil, Mexico, Croatia, France, Italy and of course UK, The band had a storming Summer of festivals in 2010, highlights included; Sunrise & Beat Herder in the UK, Sudoeste in Portugal, Ostrava in Czech Republic and Ostroda Reggae festival in Poland. 
From the beginning of 2010 Perch was back in the studio writing for the next Zion Train album ‘State of Mind’ which was released in September 2011. This was previewed with a single, entitled 'Rainbow Children', an update of the Aswad classic with Brinsley Forde joining Dubdadda on vocals. Also, in June 2011 ‘The Very Best of Zion Train – Dub Revolutionaries’ was released on the highly respected world music label Nascente.
In 2011 Zion Train completed the 14 date ‘Dub Fiyah tour’ of both US coasts, with Rocker T on vocals. There was much excitement as this was their first trip Stateside for 15 years. Shows in Oregon, Northern California, San Francisco, LA, Boston, Vermont, Massachusets, Brooklyn and NYC, were followed by festivals during summer 2012 including the renown Sierra Nevada World Music Festival followed by autumn dates to promote the new album 'State Of Mind'.
Other dates for 2012 included a fifth tour of Japan and visits to Latin America and the Caribbean!
During 2012 and 2013 Zion Train have been touring hard, collaborating wide and far and making their newest music available to hear on Soundcloud.

Jambassa [Irpinia / IT]

Rootical Bass Diffusion.

Jambassa is a digital dub project, started in 2000 by Carmine Minichiello (Gamino) & Raffaele Gargiulo (Papa Lele), and settled in Irpinia (South of Italy), a rugged and poor land, far away from the nerve-centers, where digital dub music had way and space to express itself: a physical and cultural isolation, which develops in Jambassa an own original style, detached form the genre standards.
Initially born as DJ set, Gamino & Papa Lele matured a natural bent to studio productions formerly in 2006, with "Waiting Dragoon", their first work and fourth publication of the Aquietbump, a label founded by Jambassa with two other artists: Paolo Picone (Peak) and Giovanni Roma (Black Era).
Jambassa's sound is digital, even if extremely warm, "contemporary", even if strongly linked to '70/'80 jamaican roots music, and "essential" but rich, more based on groove textures than melody, and so: drum, bass and other few elements.
Starting from these music approaches, spontaneous collaborations and experiences began with several artists from Italy and abroad, such as Disrupt (DE), Mikey Murka (JA/UK), Volfoniq (FR), Hotdrop (ES), ltd. Candy (DE), Ranking Forrest (USA), Sardinia Bass Legalize (I), Rankin' Alpha & Dubital (I) and others.
Besides the three official releases ("Waiting Dragoon - 2006", "The Roots and the Flowers" - 2008 and "Macchine Parlanti" - 2009), Jambassa appears on other productions, with re-mixes and original tunes, amongst which "Italian Dub Community Showcase Vol. 1", a compilation with songs made by best underground Italian dub musicians, and "Future Sound Theory Vol. 2", by Matt B for the Asian label Celestial Dragon.

===== [lyric excerpts] =====

Mr. Williamz - Haffi Bun
"...it haffi bun it haffi bun bun bun - yes
it haffi bun it haffi bun bun bun
mi nah want no heroin mi nah want no opium
everyday highest grade of weed yes deh want dem full a gum
if I even 20 tons mi say fi bring dat come
and if yu have a chuck load yu better bring dat come
cause a di highest grade a Ishen a dat a way we bun
we step inna di place a pure lyrics just a run
a di massive and di crew a say di vibez cyaan done
we nah want no cigarettes and we nah want no white rum - just
gimme di chalice and gimme di chillum -yes
come on a slap it from mi likkl and mi young
from inna di countryside when man a run up and down
and by di riverside that is where we have fun
cook a big pot of food pure ganja we bun - yes
I man a bun it inna di boiling sun - yes
di high grade herbs give yu wisdom
and gwaan go make dem know we nah want no opium
a di highest grade of weed - yes a that keep we young
and nyabinghi mi say fi gone beat di drum
request to di farmer man who a plant it up in a ton
and when him reap it yu know say shipment come
it reach a Washington yu know say money haffi run
it reach a New York yu know say dollars haffi run
it reach a England yu know say nuff pound a run - yes
it haffi bun it haffi bun bun bun
and shipment and planeload it just touched down
no go thru immigration it no know no custom
but when it touch a road yu know money dat a run - yes
it haffi bun it haffi bun bun
I man a slap it inna di country from we likkl and we young
when time were deya riverside a run up and down
a big pot of food pure ganja we bun
a man a man a bun it inna di boiling sun
a gwaan go make dem know man a Selassie I son
mi deya pon di riddim and di lyrics just a run
no deal with no crack no cocaine nah no opium
gimme no cigarette and we nah want no white rum
step inna di place ya better gimme di chillum -yes
and make sure di big riddim it a run - cause
it haffi bun it haffi bun bun - BIM!
it haffi bun it haffi bun bun bun
in New York and Canada dem know it haffi bun
inna Jamaica Jah Jah know say it haffi bun
inna London city pure ganja mi bun
when mi reach Amsterdam it's like mi eye lock down
wha day mi deya India I claat di chillum
reach New Delhi we get some premium gum - yes
it haffi bun it haffi bun bun bun - BIM!
it haffi bun it haffi bun bun bun - yes
it haffi bun it haffi bun bun - Jah know
it haffi bun mi just sell out di chillum
when yu light it watch it babylon a run up and down
when yu light it watch di heathen a run up and down - yes
it haffi bun it haffi bun bun bun - yes
mi store it up all inna mi cranium
I inna jail cell is where dem want lock yu down
where deh people right throughout di world know it haffi bun
inna Japan when mi deh dem don't know it haffi bun
when mi deya Israel him know say it haffi bun
inna Panama and Costa Rica it just a bun
inna Canada and California it haffi bun
inna France and Spain Jah Jah know it haffi bun
inna Italy dem don't know say it haffi bun - yes
it haffi bun it haffi bun bun bun

murderer style
wicked and wild
don't know say a ganja we smoke just bring a extra big pile
hear dat..."

MrDill Lion Warriah - My Story
"...this is my story
militant story
it takes mi so high
music is my life

mic test one
tell u
mic test two
is my story is my life
what I'm tellin' u in my flow
Lion Warriah, Dub All Sense
dub attack
whether u man
whether u woman
whether u white
whether u black

now di sound is growin'
inna mi heart
inna mi talk inna mi chat
inna mi journey neva stop (militant)
now di sound is blowin'
inna mi heart
musical addict from di start
step it outta babylon (souljahman)

Lion inna di dance
Lion inna di club
strictly rub-a-dub
flash it inna dub
ridin' on my road
that's my path
lyrics machine
that's my art

this is my story
militant story
it takes mi so high
music is my life

livin' inna Africa
livin' in Jamaica
livin' inna London town
even in SouthAmerica
everywhere u live
u haffi rise n shine
inna disya time
too much wars n funerals
Jah Jah is mi marshall
Jah Jah is nah partial
inna dis ya land
he is my guidin' star
inna mi life inna mi talk
I seh rememba Jah
'cause Selassie is my rula,
he is my protecta

life is today
life is not tomorrow
life is not a joke
so u got to stand firm

this is my story
militant story
it takes mi so high
music is my life..."

Longfingah - Old Shatterhand
"...who dem say who dem say
a ruling di east
and make whole heap a woman dem fall pon dem knees
who dem say who dem say
a bringing justice
and make di wicked man get smashed by his fist
who dem say who dem say
a ruling di east and make whole heap a woman dem fall pon dem knees
who dem say who dem say
a bringing justice
and di wicked get struck off di list

yeah dem call mi Old Shatterhand
my punch is badda than
di whole a dem and bring you terror like taliban
hope unno overstand
nah bother mi or else mi climb off di matterhorn
and leave behind shattered land
well mi sing tirilirili and yodeldideldo
woman get addicted a my mad german flow
mi grab my two rifles and than mi ready fi go
and save di whole world with my bredrin Winnetou
well di legends will survive
bout di people dem stand up for truths and rights

yo mi coming from di east and mi riding to di west
my black horse Hatatitla a tired and need a rest
while mi enter di saloon and grab di mic fi contest
mi nah fraid to fight a duel and shoot inna di bad man´s chest
than mi get another bourbon and a kiss a de waitress
whole heap a woman inna de place waan mi fi caress
with my shining smile even Lex Barker cyaan contest
I shot di sheriff but mi won´t get arrest
mi gallop deh pon di riddim into di sunset
along an old indian trail and di sky tun red
so mi light up another ganja cigarette
far away from home now mi start to fly back
well di legends will survive
bout di people who stand up for truths and rights..."