Blue Hill ft. Lutan Fyah, Kali Green & konTa – Out On The Streets EP [LIONS002]

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Release Date: 12/05/2014

Blue Hill feat. Lutan Fyah, Kali Green & konTa - Out On The Streets EP [LIONS002]

A1 // Blue Hill feat. Lutan Fyah - Get Out
A2 // Blue Hill feat. Kali Green & konTa - Start A Revolution
B1 // Blue Hill feat. Lutan Fyah - Get Out [Roommate & Ras Lion Remix]
B2 // Blue Hill feat. Lutan Fyah - Get Out [Lost City JNGL Remix]
B3 // Blue Hill feat. Lutan Fyah - Get Out [FLeCK Remix]

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LION'S DEN /// /// produced & mixed by G. Kostara aka Blue Hill (A1+A2) /// remixed by J. McCauley aka Roommate & J. John aka Ras Lion (B1) /// N. Dickinson & T. Kremer aka Lost City JNGL (B2) /// C. Georgiou aka FLeCK (B3) /// vocals recorded by Partillo Productions @ Drum&Blaze Studios Göteborg (A1+B1+B2+B3) /// J. John aka Ras Lion @ Lion's Den Studio (A2) /// lyrics & voice by A. Martin aka Lutan Fyah (A1+B1+B2+B3) /// T. Mokheseng aka Kali Green & J. Kamano aka konTa (A2) /// artwork by Martin Engelbogen aka Darkwing Dub /// mastered by Star Delta Mastering /// pressed by Delta Disc Manufacturing /// All rights reserved. © + ℗ 2014 Lion's Den /// LC-Code 30864

12" / SIDE A 45RPM / SiDE B 33RPM / 5 Track EP / 180g / 500pcs. limited & hand-numbered

As times seem to get rougher and tougher in political terms in the urban jungles of the world, conscious music and cultural activism in general gain in importance. Message music to uplift the people is essential in society.
On this mission, Lion's Den has teamed up with the upcoming producer Blue Hill outta Athens, Greece.
A heavy riddim, somewhere between jungle and dub, outta his mixing lab was given to the mighty Lutan Fyah from Jamaica to create a powerful anthem, calling for action in times of political turmoil - the youths need to "Get Out" of their mental and physical state of badness.
Another vocal on the same riddim was recorded with the Lion's Den MCs Kali Green and konTa outta Berlin, Germany. This wicked combination hits with the same amount of lyrical fire - this time in english and german - and adds to the rebellious mood. A call to "Start A Revolution" and to fight the system full of trickery, downpression and exploitation.
But this is only half of the musical story to be told…
Lutan Fyah's piercing voice and melodies were given to five producers to come up with three strong remixes inna different style: For the first one the US dubstep pioneer Roommate joined forces with the head of the Lion's Den, Ras Lion outta Berlin, Germany, to mix it up inna pumping dub / steppaz fashion. The second remix leaves no doubt about message music reaching the clubs - no matter if 'uptown' or 'downtown': A heavy banger somewhere on the jungle tip, with a west coast breeze, by a brand new collaboration project between US bass music legends Noah D and No Thing (together with Roommate he forms Babylon System) called Lost City JNGL. Last but not least, the third one was done by the great jungle producer FLeCk outta Athens, Greece, and hits hard with some break madness and extra deep bass.

The whole EP was transferred to 1/2inch Tape for extra analogue warmth, mastered with care and pressed on high quality limited and hand-numbered 180g vinyl by Star Delta / Delta Disc, UK. It is also digitally available.

For bookings, mixtapes, studio sessions, voicings, new tunes and dubplates or any other inquiries contact:
LION'S DEN /// contact [at] lionsdensound [.] de

===== [about the artists] =====

Blue Hill [Athens / GR]

Blue Hill's biography reads like a diverse journey through a musical jungle.
Birth in Sweden and spending the first 13 years in a place called Blue Hill - one of the places where witches were said to gather - is followed by the Greek capital Athens.
The classical guitar was picked up at the tender age of 10, leading into uplifting trance production with 13 and moving into psychedelic trance with 15. Then followed by a typical youths metal band. Growing older he eventually opened up his musical listening and as he has always been a reggae lover got more and more fascinated by dub and surrounding styles such as steppaz, rootstep, dubstep, jungle. It did not take long and he produced his first own bass oriented music with a heavy reggae vibe. With early support by another musical activist and producer from Athens, called FLeCK, Blue Hill soon released on Breathe Records and ODG as well as Monkey Dub Recordings. His productions have since gained more and more attention world wide - with more to come - so watch out...

Lutan Fyah [Spanish Town / JA]

A conscious reggae singer with messages of unity, love, and justice deeply embedded in his music, Lutan Fyah was born in the parish of St. Catherine, Jamaica, with music in his blood. With his grandfather running a sound system, artists such as Lieutenant Stitchie, Papa San, Lady G., and the legendary Dennis Brown would often visit the family home. Fyah aspired to become a famous singer himself, but he also took his soccer playing seriously and joined a professional team after finishing high school. He gave up sports in 1999 and began an internship at Buju Banton's Gargamel label. He went on to record some tracks for Banton's label along with some freelance work for other producers, before singer Jah Mason came along in 2001 and offered Fyah the support slot on his worldwide tour. Three years later he made his full-length debut with "Dem No Know Demself" on the Minor7Flat5 label. "Time and Place" on the Lustre Kings label followed in 2005. A year later he released two albums, "Phantom War" on Greensleeves and "Healthy Lifestyle" on VP… the list goes on and on and by now Lutan Fyah has released a huge number of singles and albums with producers from all over the world touching on a variety of genres connected to the reggae influence and there is hardly a place where he hasn't performed yet - probably one of the most hard working artists out there.

Kali Green & konTa [Maseru/Berlin / LS/GER]

two Lions coming in strong - Lion's Den family… nuff a dem stylez! di voice comin’ in hot, comin’ in sweet! haffi check it out, indeed…! right now hitting di stage all over and recording some wicked material inna di Lion’s Den… the first releases are already out and more to come...

Roommate & Ras Lion [Los Angeles/Berlin / USA/GER]

This collaboration grew out of a strong friendship, two European tours and some will remember the joint "Dub der guten Hoffnung EP" (released on Roommate's label Avocaudio). Roommate and Ras Lion met on a great musical vibe and since then have kept the fire burning with their "holy trinity of dub": King Dubbist, Avocaudio & Lion's Den. Joining forces and supporting each other here and there. But who are the two musical activists?

California based artist Roommate has a musical career that can be described as prolific and ever changing. His tireless efforts in both production and DJ'ing have brought him to the forefront of the worldwide bass music community.
Beginning his musical quest with guitar lessons at the age of 11, Roommate has since developed his craft to an undeniable style and fashion by integrating both organic and electronic sounds. After self releasing his first solo album in 2003, he quickly gained musical notoriety in the US counter culture. When dubstep first hit the US streets, he was quick to find a love and understanding for the music and began production. Joining forces with LA based artist and long time friend No Thing, the two formed a key part of dubstep history: Babylon System.
A huge number of quality releases and years of intense touring have since put Roommate into the international limelight.
But his passion goes beyond: he has also been involved in the creation of several heavyweight musical imprints: Hollow Point Recordings, King Dubbist and Avocaudio - these labels spanning from dubstep to trip-hop to reggae. His other projects include Babylon System (with No Thing), OSC (with Antiserum), and Krttyr (with E Pill).

Ras Lion is a music addict fully pon a higher level. From production to promotion, from selection to engineering to Ileybration to collection… As the head of the Lion's Den and musical ambassador, he runs a label, a soundsystem, a studio and a promotion. He is further a founding member of DubDerGutenHoffnung as well as the Zwischenraum Festival and part of the Serendubity Festival Crew.
Always on a musical mission, Ras Lion works with various vocalists, musicians and producers from all over the world - all about connecting different people, different influences and inspiration and merging energies to make the fire burn… conscious music forward...
Live a fine selection of tuff dubs and conscious lyrics combine to make the massive skank and spread positive vibez all around inna soundsystem style, Lion's Den fashion - Ras Lion (selektah / engineer) mostly joined on lyrical duties by the multilingual MCs/singers Kali Green and konTa or guests.

Lost City JNGL [Los Angeles / USA]

Lost City is a fresh collaboration between veteran producers Noah D and No Thing based out of Los Angeles. The aim of Lost City is to bring a unique, new twist on the Jungle sound the two fell in love with over ten years ago by combining new structures, tempos and styles with the traditional breaks, sub bass and Reggae influences found in Jungle. The duo calls this new amalgamation of the old and new simply “JNGL”.

Noah D started in electronic music with a wide range of Drum n Bass releases including the classic, Good Sound with Reggae legend Anthony B which also saw DnB star Benny Page on remix duties. Years later he followed with groundbreaking Dubstep tunes including Seeeriousss and Examination of Time with Babylon System. More recently SMOG Records put out his first full length artist album entitled Perspective which included collaborations with Antiserum and Truth, as well as vocal appearances by The Grouch and UK Grime stars P Money and Newham Generals. Over the years his tunes have been rinsed by the likes of Skream, Dj Hype, 12th Planet, Dieselboy, and Mista Jam to name a few.

For the past ten years No Thing has been collaborating with powerhouse producers like Noah D, Antiserum, Truth, Babylon System, and SPL. Tunes like Fully Loaded, Examination of Time, Murderous, Gangster and “All as One” made it to the playlists of Skream, Bassnectar, N-Type, Plastician and Excision.

FLeCK [Athens / GR]

FLeCK is an electronic music producer and DJ, pioneer of the Greek underground scene and member of the Kings Hi Fi crew. Started back in the early 90s with producing breakbeat and jungle music, passing through dub and hip hop.
In 2009 came with his debut album “Dub Muse” and since then, he has released his music on various record labels around the world such as Six Degrees records(USA), ODG (France), Bracket records (UK), King Dubbist (USA), Generation Bass(UK), Boomsha (UK), Reggae Roast (UK) and counts over 40 releases in the past four years.
FLeCK’s music, is characterized by a roots reggae/dub vibe mixed with futuristic jungle breaks and fat bass sounds. It has found its way into the record boxes of the likes Public Enemy’s DJ Lord, Rusko and many others as well featuring on Diplo’s Mad Decent blog and receiving massive worldwide radio support. Some of his tunes reached the number one position in the TID Top100 breaks chart.
He has collaborated, written and remixed tunes for artists like Zion Train, Nanci Correia, Clinton Sly, Ancient Astronauts, Fitta Warri, King Bracket, I-lodica, Jonas McCLoud, Bay B Kane, Roommate, Demolition Man, Se Fire, Sisyphos, Parly B, Ed West, Tenja and many others.
The last years he has been part of gigs and festivals in many places around Europe like Austria, UK, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Slovenia, Greece and has shared the stage with names like Horace Andy, Alborosie, Congo Natty, Zion Train, Dub Pistols, Mungo’s Hi Fi and many others.