Lion’s Den – fire sound all around

Lion’s Den is a label, a sound system, a studio and a production and promotion force focused all around music currently situated in Berlin, Germany.
Started by the musical activist Ras Lion a few years ago Lion’s Den has constantly been moving forward on all aspects of delivering finest in conscious music ever since – in the studio, on vinyl or at a dance.
Always on a musical mission to merge creative energies – connecting different people, different influences and inspiration – Lion’s Den is working with various vocalists, musicians and producers from all over the world.
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23.02.2018 // Lion’s Den Sound System invites… Weeding Dub [FR] / Yaam / Berlin // GER
10.03.2018 // Lion’s Den Sound System @ Mind The Dub #2 / Pogłos / Warsaw // PL
23.03.2018 // Lion’s Den Sound System invites… -tba- / Berlin // GER
27.04.2018 // Lion’s Den Sound System invites… RDH Hi-Fi [FR] & Joseph Lalibela [UK] / Yaam / Berlin // GER
25.05.2018 // Lion’s Den Sound System invites… Dawa HiFi [FR] & Mysterious Kid [FR] / Yaam / Berlin // GER
14.07.2018 // Lion’s Den @ -tba- // BEL
21.07.2018 // Lion’s Den Sound System @ Dub Camp Festival 2018 / near Nantes // FR
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